Our Services

  • Work Injury

    On your initial visit, expect us to ask you about the health complaints that brought you to our office and what, if anything precipitated them.

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  • Auto Accidents

    Understanding what to do when an accident happens, and what types of injuries can occur may save you time, money, and long-term medical care.

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  • Athletic Injury

    Maximizing athletic performance and treating injuries associated with sports are what CT SPine & Rehab specializes in.

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  • Disc Herniation

    Just Because You Have A Herniated Disc Doesn’t Mean You Need Surgery.

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  • SpineMed Decompression

    SpineMED Decompression is designed to reduce pressure inside the discs by gently separating or distracting the injured spinal segments.

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  • Spinal Arthritis

    Spinal arthritis is a wear and tear condition that can develop from injuries, poor posture, and spinal neglect.

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